Travel Tags, Inc. Granted Patent No. 8,693,101

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN -- Travel Tags, Inc., a worldwide leader in the manufacture of products containing dimensional or visual effects, including Travel Tags' custom INFINIDEPTH® printing technology and lenticular printing technology, was recently granted U.S. Patent No. 8,693,101 titled "Lens Sheet Having Lens Array Formed in Pre-Selected Areas and Articles Formed Therefrom" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The '101 Patent generally describes products that contain "spots" or areas on a sheet that have pre-selected placement of lenses and other areas of the sheet that do not contain lenses, allowing for the printing of dimensional or visual effects on very specific locations of the sheet.

For over forty years, Travel Tags has held a passion for innovative solutions that provide customers with unique and exclusive printed products. They do this by staying current on new technologies, developing applications and investing in new and improved equipment and processes. Travel Tags' worldwide patent portfolio consists of over 100 owned or licenses patents (granted or pending), including this new advancement.

Dimensional printing includes various types of printing to accomplish special or unique graphic effects, including the illusion of depth and motion. Lenticular printing and INFINIDEPTH® printing are two such examples of dimensional printing. Each is accomplished by utilizing graphics that are specifically prepared and combining said graphics with lens sheets, including lenticular lens sheets, fly's eye lens sheets and other lens sheets, each of which is made up of an infinite number of little lenses of various, pre-determined shapes. Contact Travel Tags to learn more about dimensional printing and the various options Travel Tags has to offer.

"Our customers have one more option to ponder when considering integrating dimensional into their product or packaging solution," stated John Tomczyk, vice president of innovation for Travel Tags. "Before this patent, individuals would either have had to adhere lenses to the surface of their product, or utilize an entire section of lens as their product." Tomczyk continued by stating that "there was a niche market that we identified, worked through the possibilities of what it would take to manufacture efficiently, and patented the process that we feel brings these capabilities to market."


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John Tomczyk joins Travel Tags, Inc. as Vice President of Innovation

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN – Travel Tags, Inc. today announced that John Tomczyk has joined the company as vice president of innovation.

After a brief departure in 2012 to pursue other opportunities, Tomczyk has rejoined the company’s senior leadership team. He will play an integral role in driving the company’s growth initiatives, with a particular focus on advanced printing technologies and business and process innovation.

A pioneer and innovator in the field of lenticular print techniques and card manufacturing, Tomczyk has over 22 years of experience in the industry and is sole or co-inventor on more than a dozen printing and dimensional imaging related patents. Tomczyk is responsible for breakthroughs such as dimensional gift and credit cards, dimensional in-mold labels, spot lens materials and many cards in Travel Tags’ line of sustainable solutions.

“We could not be more thrilled to have John back on the team,” said Eric Pohl, vice president of sales. “He has always embodied the company’s core values and our focus on exceptional customer service. He also has an extraordinary talent for developing smart solutions to our customers’ most pressing challenges.”
“I am excited to begin working with John,” said director of product development Steve Dunn. “The depth and breadth of his experience puts us in an even stronger competitive position.”

“Travel Tags has made significant investments in talent and capital to be the World’s leader in card production and related services, and I am excited to get back to work to serve our customers to make their dreams a reality,” said Tomczyk.

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