Travel Tags Reflects on 40 Years of Expertise

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN - Travel Tags, a global manufacturer and fulfillment house of unique gift card solutions, is embarking on their 40th anniversary in 2013. The company has an impressive history as an innovative trend leader; generating customer-driven solutions, quality products and on-time delivery as a brand partner for every card need. The company will celebrate their customer relationships, employees and partnerships with appreciation events throughout 2013. 

The organization began in 1973 as a printer of luggage tags and travel accessories in Minneapolis, MN and throughout their 40 year history has strategically acquired key industry assets. In 2012, Travel Tags shipped to 35 countries and produced over 500 million gift cards.

Travel Tags has been on the forefront of the gift card industry, from the production of Target’s first gift card in 1999, to pioneering the lenticular design and printing method to the introduction of the first plastic gift card made from recycled milk jugs. “Our 40 years has been an amazing progression within an evolving market,” said Wade Crecelius, President at Travel Tags, Inc. “And we continue to ask the important questions like ‘how can we help our customers stand out from their competition?’ ‘How can we help a company bring their brand to life?’ ‘How can we help organizations find their potential in a marketplace when technology shifts, such as the addition of virtual cards, takes place?’ We know these answers because we have taken the time to understand the landscape and our customers. We aren’t a vendor. We are an innovative partner, who is thankful, as we enter our 40th year, that our customers have let us be a contributor to the success of their brand.”

Travel Tags is a multi-year winner of the International Card Manufacturers Élan Award, earning such honors as People’s Choice, Judges Choice and Best Gift Card of the year. The organization services clients at top fashion retailers, consumer product manufacturers and entertainment producers with on-demand or large volume orders and turnkey solutions that include design, eCommerce, card fulfillment, secure packaging and personalized green alternatives.

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