Letter to Vendors

Product Safety Information
Dear Vendor:

We at The Occasions Group, Inc., including our divisions and subsidiaries (“Us” or “TOG”) want you to know that the safety of the products, goods or services (“Goods”) we sell to our customers is a top priority to us. We have worked with Intertek, an international CPSC accredited third party testing facility, to identify the various laws, rules and regulations (“Regulations”) that are applicable to the Goods we sells, as well as the various testing requirements applicable to each of these Goods. This information has been compiled into Test Protocols which were created for us by Intertek. Each of the Goods that you supply to us must comply with the applicable Regulations identified in the corresponding Test Protocols as well as any other laws, rules, and regulations that might come into effect from time to time or that are expressly identified to you by us.

We want to thank you in advance for your assistance in supporting our product safety efforts, including following the procedures outlined below.

New and Re-order Goods Procedure

New Goods - For each item number/SKU not previously supplied to us (“New Goods”), we require that you submit to us: a) completed GCC (General Certificate of Conformity) or CPC (Children’s Product Certificate) in the case of Children’s Products; b) documentation that supports the GCC (such as the test data from an accredited third party testing facility based on the [protocol] information provided), and c) a [Warranty] executed by an officer of your organization prior to the issue of a purchase order for such Goods.

Re-Orders - For each item number/SKU that we re-order (“Re-Order”), we must have on hand a GCC (or CPC), supporting documentation, and an executed [Warranty] that is not more than 12 (twelve) months old (“Current Documentation”). In the event we do not have Current Documentation for the Re-Order, we will require you to submit to us an updated GCC, supporting documentation, and executed [Warranty], or a [Certificate] signed by an officer of your organization representing and warranting that no Material Change has occurred and that the Current Documentation is in fact current.

Material Change - any change in raw materials, methods of manufacturing, or vendors that supply you with the raw materials. If any Material Change has occurred, you must supply us with an updated GCC (or CPC), new supporting documentation, and a new [Warranty] prior to shipping the applicable products to us.

Note: A Children’s Products is ANY product intended for use primarily by children twelve (12) years of age or younger or marketed primarily to children twelve (12) years of age or younger.

Testing Procedure

Test Protocols - The Test Protocols you will need for purposes of issuing GCCs/CPC and supporting documentation can be found by clicking on product links to the right.

Testing - All testing is your responsibility and will be done at your expense. We will provide advanced written notice if we are to assume the testing responsibilities and associated expenses.

Testing Company - You may choose any CPSC accredited third party laboratory to conduct your testing; however, if you choose to use Intertek to conduct your testing, please reference The Occasions Group and Taylor Corporation when submitting your requests for testing to Intertek as you may be able to take advantage of The Occasions Group’s and Taylor Corporation’s volume discount. You may contact Intertek using the contact information below for a price quote and any additional information they might need in order to conduct the required testing. Click [here] for Intertek contact information.

Special Note about Testing - When requesting testing, unless specifically identified by The Occasions Group, only those items designated with the “†” symbol in the Test Protocol are required to be tested. All other tests listed in the corresponding Test Protocol are optional and not required unless expressly requested by The Occasions Group.

How to Send your Information

The completed GCC (or CPC), supporting documentation, and executed Warranty should be emailed to productsafety@theoccasionsgroup.com within thirty (30) days of our request for such information. Once we have received your submission and have evaluated it for completeness, etc., we will issue you the respective purchase order in the case of a New Goods, and/or provide you with authorization to ship the Goods in the case of Re-Orders.

Examples of acceptable GCC’s and CPC’s

(for GCCs & CPCs)